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Service in Bloom is a premium provider of optimal senior at-home care.

About Us

Service in Bloom, Inc. was founded on the vision of Damita McCoy, who has dedicated this service to her beloved mother. Service in Bloom is a non-medical at-home senior care agency.  Our goal is to provide services that enable total-body strengthening to seniors in need of additional health and home services or after hospitalization care. We make it simple to set up care accepting Veteran's Administration (VA), Commercial Insurance, LTC Insurance Plans, and Private Pay. We are a serious senior at-home care provider as Service in Bloom, Inc. is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to provide legal home care services to your senior.


Our Mission

Service in Bloom, Inc. is a provider of premium at-home care that enables mental, emotional, and physical strengthening. We believe as a flower needs water to bloom, our clients need compassion to thrive. We partner with dedicated service leaders, referred to as Bloomers, to ensure that optimal home and personal care is delivered.  Our internal and external partnerships lead to long-term, profitable relationships advancing our vision to conveniently serve our beloved clients within homes across the nation.

Our Philosophies

  1. Bloomers are fanatics. We obsess over our clients, develop trust, and devise a strategy to best serve our clients. We are servant leaders always focused on superior client care.

  2. Bloomers practice candor. We welcome open dialogue with respect and tact. We listen to each other and our clients, being open and transparent.

  3. Bloomers are servant leaders. We come prepared to work and become the solution. We recommend future Bloomers who demand high standards for senior home care.

  4. Bloomers are futurists. We gauge the competition, research the industry, and observe trends while differentiating ourselves by providing incomparable services.

  5. Bloomers are ground-breakers. We provide innovative insights that aid in devising new ways to better serve our clients and advance the services of the organization.

  6. Bloomers welcome conflict. We eradicate fear and avoidance to ensure quality service. We strive to be the best and encourage dignified and direct dialogue that creates new ideas for better services.

  7. Bloomers are results-driven. We don’t compromise Service in Bloom’s philosophies or risk client relationships to satisfy individual egos. We keep in mind the collective goal of the team, in service to our clients, to achieve overarching results.

  8. Bloomers are committed. We deliver the best service to our clients and the organization daily. We understand the mission’s vision and every decision made is to ensure that it is fulfilled.

  9. Bloomers are responsible. We believe in servant leadership and provide services that lead by example. We make sure questions are asked and answered and that problems are solved.

  10. Bloomers are energizers. We encourage our seniors and motivate our fellow teammates. We are positive and always optimistic. We celebrate each other.

  11. Bloomers are sold-out. We are courageous, living and breathing the vision of Service in Bloom. We believe in the mission and work as a team by adhering to reach organizational goals.

  12. Bloomers are winners. We are the best in having a winning attitude, compassion for our clients, a mindset to increase the business and a passion for Service in Bloom.

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